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The current general terms and conditions for events are an integral part of this contract regarding orders placed with the Empl Company by you as client (subsequently referred to as “Organizer”). By placing an order the organizer agrees to comply with these conditions as well as all relevant trade law regulations and agrees to abide by their conditions.

Guaranteed number of participants

Fa. Empl is to be informed of the exact number of participants latest one week before the proposed event. This figure will be considered to be the guaranteed minimum number of participants, for which the Empl Company will prepare for. In any event, the invoice will be based on the given minimum number of participants. Should the number of participants be more than originally agreed, Fa. Empl will endeavor to cater for the entire group. Drinks and catering costs etc. resulting from larger groups will be charged for additionally.

Cancellation of events

Events involving catering which are cancelled at least 96 hours before event begin will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed price for the given number of participants.

Cancelled room reservations incur the following cancellation fees:

30 days in advance, 30%

up to 14 days in advance 60%

up to 7 days in advance 80%

and less than 7 days in advance 100% of the entire agreed price.


We will provide the appropriate number of service staff according to international standards of quality. Should you require additional personnel; a supplementary charge will be levied.

Technical operations

The arrangement of tables and chairs is included in the room hire charge. An additional charge will be made for any extra work. Should specialist work or equipment be required, Fa. Empl reserves the right to employ subcontractors and charge the organizer for the ensuing costs. The relevant safety rules which apply to Empl employees are to be observed by the organizer.


Our prices include all relevant taxes


Any offers or programme of events supplied by us are to be considered the intellectual property of Fa. Empl until an order is placed. Should the offer or event programme not be ordered with us, but carried out elsewhere, we retain the right to charge agency fees at the current market rate.


Fa. Empl accepts no liability whatsoever for any valuables (including money) which participants may have brought with them.


Unless otherwise agreed, all drinks that have been consumed will be added to the bill

Food and drink

Eating and drinking of food not purchased on Fa. Empl premises is strictly forbidden without prior written agreement. Fa. Empl retains the right to charge the organizer for any food and drinks the participants may have brought with them.

Music, artistic performances

Should the organizer plan any artistic performances during an event, he is obliged to register such fact with the appropriate authorities in advance and pay any entertainment taxes. The organizer absolves Fa. Empl from any associated responsibilities.


The organizer is obliged to seek permission from Fa. Empl management before fixing decorations or any other objects. Fa. Empl generally does not allow the attachment of decorative objects to company premises. Fire regulations must be observed. All costs associated with placing and removing decorations will be charged to the organizer. Missing or damaged fixtures and fittings and/or items of crockery will be charged to the organizer at cost price.

Smoking ban

The organizer is aware that there is a total smoking ban in the entire Fa. Empl premises and is obliged to inform all participants of such fact and is responsible for its implementation.


The organizer is liable for any damages caused by his guests, employees or appointees. If necessary, Fa. Empl may demand that the organizer takes suitable liability insurance cover. Fa. Empl is not responsible under any circumstances for the loss or damage of any objects supplied by the organizer or caused by a third party.


Fa. Empl Management is permitted at any time and without reason to terminate a contractual relationship when the event endangers the smooth running of the company or appears to infringe safety regulations.

The organizer is not permitted to claim for any damages in the event of force majeure.

Rendering of accounts

Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices should be paid immediately on receipt and no deductions are to be made. Payment will be accredited to the oldest invoice. If in doubt, the agreed period of payment starts as of the invoice date. Currency exchange and bank cheques are only acceptable with prior special permission and all associated costs will be charged to the buyer. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of foreign currencies or be held accountable for bank delays and/or disputes. If the credit-worthiness of the customer appears to be diminished, we reserve the right to demand pre-payment and withdraw from the contract if such payment is not made.

Jurisdiction and Law

Place of delivery is for both parts A-6272 Kaltenbach. The area of jurisdiction for any direct or indirect disputes resulting from the contract (including currency exchange or cheque demands) is hereby agreed to be the local Austrian Court of Law responsible for A-6272 Kaltenbach. Austrian Law is to be used in any disputes resulting from this contract. The applicability of UN Purchase Rights is excluded.

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